Weekly horoscope february 23

Respecting your needs, your strength grows. Mercury and Venus sextile Pluto to allow for stellar results. This can be a magical week.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

So many planets reside in your relationship sector. Venus and Mercury both sextile Pluto.

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Adding a gentle view to your days gives your body a break and may be just what you need. In the midst of being ultra-strong and standing up for the light, remember you are not alone. You may not feel you can just sit back on your laurels what are they?

Your daily horoscope: February 23

Empty spaces may make things seem impossibly unclear. It all ends well, so find healthy distractions during tense moments. The Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Venus have to be somewhere, so they may as well be in your solar fifth house. Unraveling knots, creativity comes easily, and you probably have more than one secret admirer.

Are you perhaps too demanding — of yourself? Great optimism is your cornerstone, with Jupiter as your ruling planet.

Idealism and trust are just two of your strengths. Pluto sextiles Venus and Mercury to bring financial strength. Both Venus and Mercury are sextile Pluto in your sign. You must still keep your boundaries up, as no one knows how truly vulnerable you may feel. But with a personal transformation about to occur, you need only keep going so that things line up in your favor. The strength you feel is not necessarily from finances, though Venus, Mercury, Neptune and the Sun are in this sector of your chart.

You know something is coming in. You can feel it.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

And you are correct. Enjoy the breathing space and sunshine you deserve! Pisces the fish can really swim, and you are able to glide through the currents this week. So many planets are in your sign, you may not have to think. Reasonable, careful — they show confidence that they owe to their prudent and judicious nature. They conjoin a weakness of character with significant intelligence.


Daily horoscope for Friday February 23 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

Their tendencies are rather peaceful: they would rather suffer through injustice and unpleasantness than fight for the right cause. But is does not happen due to their indifference. True enough — they are often capable of expressing strong jealousy and concern about the fate of their loved ones. But their nature is full of inherent passiveness — they do not want to suffer uneasiness and effort that a fight for the right cause would involve.

February 23rd Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

They have subtle ideas and show artistic talents, with everything artistic and spiritual having an attracting influence on them. What should they be wary of.

Aquarius daily horoscope – February 23 | Yasmin Boland

Many people born on this day let their great talents go to waste — for they are unable to focus and take control of their passions, too easily giving in to apathy or passiveness. When the will of such a person is weak, their life can completely wash it away. But when their will grows stronger, they easily make a career. For they have great abilities and talents that the already express as children. Such a person is most of the time withdrawn.