20 february personal day numerology

Although the realistic aspects of their personality can help to temper their imaginary side, conflicts may occur, especially when the boundary between the imaginary and real become impassable.

These Are the Luckiest Days of the Year to Do Everything, According to Numerology

Those born on this day must be careful to avoid frustration for a longer period of time. Preferably, when necessary, it was also important to lower their standards regarding objectives, to a level where they can be more accessible and easier to achieve. They need to learn evaluate their skills as objective, and constantly monitor and remain quite flexible.

This is necessary in order to review their approach in daily life. If they meet these conditions, they will be able to stay on track. For your birthday to fall on 20th of February it means you will find it difficult to uphold associations with those who are not prepared to develop in the same manner as yourself.

For this reason you will be continually re-inventing yourself, attempting to excite your pals to become far better. Your firm opinions this year bring you disagreements with others. One of the laws of strength suggests that you need to think of others, however do not always freely give your ideas. It is recommended that you should test the waters first.

If your birthday celebration falls on 20th of February, this is an indication it is time for your creative projects. Fan the flame of your creative talents. Try games of chance, gamble or play the lottery. Luck may gift you this year. You are known to be ruled by day number twenty, if you are born on the 20th of the month. If your day falls on a twenty, your ruling planet is Neptune. If you are born on 20th, then you are affected by the numerology of number seven.

The power of your number makes you a great philosopher, laid back and religious type of person. You are not a person who may get anything by being lucky. Your reward will come through means of hard work and dedication. There may be some disappointments on the way, but persistence is a must.

You love to live in a fantasy world and you like to delve in mystic thoughts and solitude. You may not speak much in public, but you are very comfortable among like minded people who will show you a remarkable streak of leadership, and you will easily influence them with your thoughts. You have to learn to keep up with your position even in face of opposition. You are always interested in the secrets of life after death. You may even be ready to talk to the dead through a medium.

You love to research tarot, palmistry, astrology and meaning of finger prints. You have special liking for history. You like to critically analyze everything including your inner thoughts, family, society, and the world at a large. You like to delve deeply in solitude. You have to guard against the tendency to exhibit strange and eccentric behavior.

Many famous poets, musicians, writers, reformers and mathematicians, revolutionaries come under number seven. There is always a chance of you drifting away from homes and families. So to avoid this work to get along with others, or your life will go into solitude and sorrow. Your lucky numbers are 2 and 7. Your lucky days are the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and the 29th. In any month your unlucky days are 8th, 16th, 17th, and the 26th. There is a high chance of failure if you execute new projects on these unlucky days.

It shall give you courage and power to earn. It also improves your chances of succeed as an inventor. You, being born in the month of February, will have the possibility to achieve good fortune and fame in your lifetime and you will do this in very original ways. You are strong and endowed with excellent intuition, cleverness, resourcefulness, will power and a very refined common sense.

You will however have to learn to listen to others equally, and allow them to put their head on your shoulders when they need it. You are harmonious, peaceful, calm, and you are looking for the gentle side of life. This kind of warmth and consideration touches other people. Your main characteristics are modesty, faithfulness and purity. The second half of February is ruled by Neptune 19thth. Being a child of Neptune it means that you live in a dream world and do not show your real face to the world, and this is mostly because your inner world is rich enough to keep you busy.

February is the month of Aquarius and Pisces. If you are born under the auspices of Neptune 19thth , you are a perfectionist and you are born an educator. You have good intuition, you are extremely sensitive, creative, and this makes you an excellent artist.

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However, you would also be good in the medical field or in construction. Keep in mind that both Michelangelo and George Washington had as their star sign Neptune, and they both used their inborn creativity to the fullest. Your weakness is your exaggerated interest in the well-being of others, fact that makes you feel guilty. But despite this being your drawback, no other zodiac sign has a better heart than yours and is more compassionate with all beings. Those born in February are predisposed to stomach issues, and therefore you should pay special attention to your diet.

Do not eat when you are upset. Also, you are predisposed to be hurt and affected by very religious people, so it is best to avoid those. However you are able to use your knowledge to your benefit and get over difficulties with a smile.


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But why wait for that to happen? You may want to invest in a side business or engage in speculative enterprise. For some, this cycle will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Others may use the energy to leave it all behind and go on a safari. Remember: Change can bring renewal. I have seen people revolutionize their lives in a 5 cycle and never look back. Last year was about throwing caution to the wind and taking some smart risks for greater gain. Now it is time to settle down and commit to a more long-term plan.

Experience has shown that existing relationships either become more serious if on a strong footing or possibly end if on shaky ground. Your home may come to the forefront, resulting in a move or a redecorating project. Starting a family or engaging in family responsibilities in general may be a feature of this year.

The 6 cycle can also be good for income although second to the 8 cycle and can be a particularly successful time for artists. Finally, remember that when it comes to relationships, self-love is the key to attracting the right person. Find the love within and be clear about what you really require in a healthy relationship.

You will then better recognize the right partner when you meet him or her. Last year was marked by changes in your home and relationships with others. Now it is time to deepen your relationship with yourself.

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This can be a spiritual cycle for some. There may be fated events that occur that wake you up to seeing the truth of your life. It is time to remember that you are here to grow as a soul and your inner world needs nourishment.

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Some may become less sociable and need time for individual pursuits. Not everyone is going to quit their job to live on an ashram in India, however it may be the right time for that yoga retreat. You may want to go into therapy, read more self-help, work on your health, or learn meditation. On the career front, you may want to find your niche that better aligns with your more authentic self. However, the greatest gift of a 7 cycle is the reconnection to the true you, not the roles we play in life.

Wisdom teaches that happiness is an inner state of being and should not be dependent on the outside world. The more you find peace within, the better you will handle the challenges of life. That is the true potential of a 7 year. Last cycle helped you wake up to a more meaningful and truthful life.

Welcome to your power year. In my experience this is the strongest cycle for furthering your career and goals. You may receive a promotion, raise, bonus, or attain more power and authority in your chosen field. However, be aware that there is no magical cycle that hands success to you.